Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Footsteps Like People

There is nothing that can be done know, it’s hard to know where it began. All that really matters at this point is I am sorry. There went the first set of windows. I guess you could say that growing up wasn’t the easiest thing… I turned out fine though… Didn’t I? I guess maybe I just needed to believe in myself a little more. I wish that I had the opportunity to learn how to fly. There is no way out of this freefall. I can go places! I can do whatever the fuck I choose to do! I will be great! But I need wings… I am only a few feet from the ground now… If I close my eye, do I get another chance?

I didn’t make it… I am afraid to open my eyes to the footsteps, footsteps like people are gathering around the shell of what I used to be.

All I wanted was a second chance… I could have done it. I will… I will open my eyes and walk away from the carcass lying on the cement. And I will succeed in every way it couldn’t. My name Isaac… And I have come to live and to love and be happy…

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