Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who learned you to spoke?

I stumble through the language provided by your fathers....
four score and seven years ago.
I search to reclaim the words spoken by my people.
The language of love.. Pain... and true passion.
I understand some.. Gracias Abuelitos.
But was never raised to speak in this tongue.

A White Mexican.... A WHITE MEXICAN.
I dress or act differently than what? A cholo?
Than a construction worker? A gardener?
Your everyday run of the mill undocumented citizen?
(Illegal immigrant, translated for your simple mind)

I am all those... I didn't choose to fair skinned. I love my culture.

I am Mexican. I am Latino. I am Mexican American. I am Aztlan.

I am an intellectual, talented, humorous and attractive Latino male trying to reclaim a culture lost to me.

I am not the Whitest Mexican you know.

And if I could tell you all of this in a language I long to know.
I would scream it in your fucking face.

I am learning. I will continue to do so... And I hope you will do the same.

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